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Why I became a Doula

I was inspired to work with new parents after becoming a mother myself in 2019. I learned what a huge effect the right support has for birthing and postpartum mothers. Through the pandemic we have seen globally the devastating effect of isolation on new parents - postpartum depression now effects 1 in 3 new mothers, 10 years ago it was 1 in 10. 

The Doula Effect - A 2017 Cochrane review found that in studies from 17 countries involving over 15,000 women that having continuous support during labour led to more spontaneous vaginal births, less use of medical interventions, faster births and less need for pain medication/ epidural.

I can accompany you in labour and help you labour longer at home, as well as offering massage and other comfort measures. This autumn I will be learning a world renowned series of techniques to help babies achieve an optimal position for birth and even help when labour stalls. 

In our modern society, once the baby is born, the mother is forgotten. As a postpartum doula, I take care of the mother so that she can heal, rest and enjoy her matrescence. I can help with learning to breastfeed, using a carrier or sling and offer healing postpartum massage. 

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